Things that go Goosebump in the Dark

Yesterday was All Hallow’s Eve, or as it’s known around the world, Halloween.  And tonight is November 1st or All Saints Day.  Or as it’s known in the rest of the world … November 2nd.

I have this theory about goosebumps and of our affinity / draw to the supernatural.  I call it my SUN Worlds Theory.  Consider this blog the teaser to the longer explanation later (on my videoblog).

Never having been a big fan of horror films, the class I took in grad school about how God can use horror as an effective means of communicating redemptive truth was a challenge for me.

I saw Poltergeist at a sleep over when I was in 3rd grade.  Fortunately the tamer “First Blood” with Sylvester Stallone was on afterwards or I wouldn’t have slept a wink.

I still don’t like Horror films.  In fact, I think they are corrosive, exploitive and damaging.  Which begs the question; corrosive, exploitive and damaging to what?  If there is no spiritual realm then the things they are messing with is just for fun.  A chance for us to stare death in the face, laugh, scream, experience catharsis and then enjoy the fact we are still alive all the more.

Or at least that’s how the advertising runs.  Unless …

There’s something to this.  Something super, para, inter … BEYOND our own natural world experiences.  Again, the longer explanation of my comprehensive and compelling grand theory will have to wait for later.  For now, consider the anecdotal goosebumps that most, if not all, of us have experienced at times in our lives.

What if there are other realms?  Other dimensions?  Planes of existence?  As I type this I’m getting goosebumps just thinking of the possibilities (good and bad) that such realms hold.

Why is it we feel so alive when being scared to death?  Why is the paranormal so compelling?  Why do vampires, zombies, ghosts, goblins, poltergeist (I know this is just another word for ghost, but I’m trying to make my list longer so it looks more impressive), demons, ghouls, werewolves and the like fill our imaginations and even more so; why do such monstrosities capture our thoughts, creativity and at times worship?

Could it be that such mental entertainments of these super or unnatural creatures gives us a glimpse of these other realms?  It gives us goosebumps.  An uncanny, eerie feeling that gives even more meaning to our existence.   A connection to a higher state that manifests itself as the hairs on our arms, neck and back raising and our mind whirling.

I obviously think that this is the case, otherwise I’m wasting perfectly good transistors even typing this.  I’ve also invested a lot of Pepsi and Munchies into this endeavor so there’s that too.

The last few years I’ve been teaching about the sun, earth and moon and their relationship and the properties (spatially speaking) of each.  The moon is blamed for many unnatural thing (werewolves, vampires, lunacy, lunatics, etc…), while the sun doesn’t get such slander.

“Oh no!  The Sun’s out, now we’ll be able to see clearly and not be scared!!! Things are starting to spring out of the ground from … AAAGGHH  Photosynthesis!  Now, we’ll all have stuff to eat!”  “Just when you thought it wasn’t safe to go outside…” Les Cravin’ presents “The Sun.”  A horror film in brilliant luminosity that stalks and slays the night.

A basic truth about the sun and moon is that the sun creates its own light, while the moon merely reflects the light from the sun.  What if all this obsession with unnatural beings (see unnecessarily long list above or just review the kid’s costumes that came by your house on Halloween) is a poor copy of the REAL source of light.

I get goosebumps … a LOT.  But I don’t get it watching evil, unnatural, demonic, unclean agents of death and destruction – these things get me pissed off because I know their true intentions (John 10:10).  I get goosebumps when I’m looking at the sun.  Not that Sun!, that would burn your retina.  The Son.  When I’m contemplating God and His wonders.  Singing praise or redemptive songs (even bad karaoke).  When I discover some truth in scripture, nature or through fellowship with other believers.  Goosebumps galore.

Even now I’m getting goosebumps as I’m making the connection between this line of thought and the dualistic argument that God and satan, good and evil, yin and yang are equally matched.  I’m making the connection that the moon and sun are the same size – relative to our position.  The truth is that the moon is only 2% of the size of the Earth and a million earths could fit in the sun.  So… mental math time (no calculators please)… 50 million moons = 1 sun.  Not exactly a fair fight.  When viewed in this way it easily debunks most of the false religions, ideologies and heresies of the past 6,000 years.

I’d much rather get my “goosebump” fix by fixing my sight on the true source of life, truth and illumination.  The Light of the World.

Another connection: One horror film (and the only one I own – though I’ve only watched it once) is the Exorcism of Emily Rose.  In this film they present the argument that “people say that God is dead, but how can they think that if I show them the Devil.”  As I was trying to find this quote I read some others from the movies and they too gave me goosebumps.  Its just one of those goosebump filled nights … and the fan in my study is NOT on.

The sun and moon: Interesting that much of our knowledge of how the sun works is revealed during a solar eclipse when the sun is blocked by the relatively same sized moon.  This eclipse allows scientists to observe, measure and study the sun in ways that can’t be done normally.  The evil that the devil authors (dude!  The devil is evil with a lowercase d!? – just saw that) while temporarily overshadowing the normal goodness in God’s creation actually helps to reveal attributes of God that we wouldn’t normally see.

Yet another metaphor.  The sun holds onto the earth, while the earth with it’s gravity holds onto the moon.  The moon influences the tides and some other things but beyond that its influence is miniscule compared to the influence the sun has on our planet and life.  Feel free to connect the dots of this information to the role that God, satan/evil and our world plays.  I’m just wandering if someday humanity could let go of this encumbering “lord of the tides.”

For those who know me this next section will seem very hypocritical, ne’ertheless I persist.

Food.  It’s easier and tastier to get a high from processed sugars, foods and empty or bad calories.  While developing a taste for good, healthy foods is more difficult; but in the end worth it (I’m told).

Spiritual connections / goosebumps.  It’s easier to make a connection to the spirit realm through horror, witchcraft or even superhero books and movies.  However, developing a taste for a true / healthy spiritual connection is more difficult, but well worth it (and on this point I know something of which I speak).

I once told my brother-in-law Logan (when he was much younger) that witchcraft is bad because the power has to come from somewhere.  Apparently, that stuck with him.  Where does the power behind goosebumps reside?  Beware, cause it will stick with you.


  1. Philip,
    I don’t know if you will get this msg as these are old postings but I hope you do because I would like to discuss your Putin dream. A couple of months ago I was searching youtube to see if anyone may have had the same dream I had about V. Putin and I found your video which ended at the point my dream began – in the lodge. I had this dream in February 2016 and it has plagued me every day since. If you have a junk e-mail address where I could write you about this I would appreciate it. My son uses junk addresses that he deletes when he doesn’t want on-going communication and I understand a stranger wanting to speak to you could make a person nervous. I just am not very up on technology and I don’t text or have a youtube account so I couldn’t post on your video.

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