Follow the bubbles …

So I’ve been reading / watching too many conspiracy theories online and on youtube.  Suffice it to say I’m becoming completely paranoid.  … Or at least more so.

I know that there is more going on then what we see on the news / news sites.  With the bumbling of the Ebola outbreak in Africa and its recent arrival in my neck of the woods (Dallas), the proliferation of a government created outbreak is spreading fear and distrust even faster.

I won’t digress to discuss our president, but suffice it to say he fits into C.S. Lewis’ description of Jesus.  Either he’s a liar, lunatic or lord.  Jesus is Lord.  Obama is not.  So that really only leaves too options for him.  Neither of which is good.

Anyway, I said I wouldn’t digress and then I did.  My bad.

Looking through the conspiracy websites and videos is a trip down some seedy and disturbing alleys.  What caused me to wake up was when I saw a video blaming all of this on Israel and the Jews.  I knew these videos were out there.  I’ve heard some of their arguments but I haven’t been tempted down that dead in street because I know history and I know the Bible.

So about the bubbles.

In college I took a SCUBA diving class and I remember vividly when they talked to us about not panicking while underwater.  At depth a diver can become disoriented and especially in less then transparent water finding ones way back to the surface isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Light refracts through water and with lower visibility, weightlessness and a dose of panic divers have been known to swim toward what they thought was the surface and find only death.  The key, our instructors told us, was not to panic and “follow the bubbles.”  The bubbles will always float toward the surface.  But to follow them the diver must remain calm, stop stirring the water, and watch the bubbles … and then follow them even if they float away from what we “know” is the surface.

With all the confusion in our world from lack of good leadership, hundreds of media sources, misinformation, disinformation and outright bogus information the ability to find the truth or the surface can be next to impossible.  To say things have become muddied is a humongous understatement.

What are the bubbles then?  I’ve found that the Bible (especially the 10 Commandments) are great bubbles.  Included in this collection of books is a clear story of the Jews as God’s chosen people.  As a Christian I feel as if I’m grafted into the vine since, well, since I’m in a love with a Jewish carpenter.  I shared this a few times on my recent trip to Israel and most of the Jews looked at me strangely but humored me as I explained the jest.  Jesus, a carpenter, was a Jew.  I support Israel because I’m a follower of Jesus (plus from history I’ve come to admire them in so many ways).

A good understanding of history and the patterns in society are also smaller bubbles.  Though not as big as the 10 Commandments, history (when understood holistically) does support the truth of them and even more so the greatest 2 commandments given by Jesus.  Love the Lord your God with your body, soul and spirit.  And love your neighbor as yourself (The Golden Rule that I unashamedly share with my students ACLU be damned).

It is true that religious people (including Christians) have strayed throughout history and when they do commit barbaric acts these acts are in clear violation of The Golden Rule and most of the 10 Commandments.

While I’ll continue to click on some of the crazier conspiracy links on Facebook in the future and even create some of my own wild ideas (which I’ll post here of course), the deeper and most important thing to keep in mind is the bubbles that God has given us.  In a world full of chaos, confusion and concern isn’t it comforting to know that we have a Christ who has given us clear commandments to keep us from being consumed by craziness.

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