Ephraim Awakening TV Show

Last year I came across this concept in one of my YouTube research sessions (yes, I’m calling it research – don’t judge me :).  The concept was called the Ephraim Awakening.  So I made a video about it last April and that video is below …

After making the video I ended up relocating my set from Arlington to Tulsa so I could have a fire place in the background.  There were other reasons but the fireplace and the pool (that will feature in future videos) were the big ones.

Recently some ministers (Deborah Sweetin and Bob Tucker) that I’ve been praying with found my channel after I shameless plugged it at a retreat we were on.  I also think I had it tattooed on my forehead, a t-shirt emblazoned with it and I was dropping business cards all over the venue.  I think what finally got them to watch it was all my begging and pleading.  Just kidding, I didn’t tattoo it on my forehead – that’s just crazy.

Anyway, they watched the video and then invited me as a guest on their show, “The Deborah Sweetin Show” and the episode I was on is going to be broadcast tomorrow night.  I ran out of t-shirts so instead they put philipfiles as my point of connection.  Be sure to like, subscribe and watch all of the Pfamily Pfun videos, it will make starving (for attention) kids in Texas very happy.

I was going to re-edit my the video I made last April but I just rewatched it and feel it was pretty good.  I laughed, I cried, I made fun of myself and then cried because people are always making fun of me.  So I’m not going to reedit it (plus its getting late and I NEED my “beauty” sleep – I don’t know why my editor insists on putting ” ” around beauty, curious).

I am instead working on putting it into written form (some people call them books, but really its just an amplified track) and dropping these pamphlets at future self-promotion opportunities (see everywhere).  If you watch the video, TV or hopefully both and have any other connections you’d like to add then I’ll give you credit and include them in the “book.”

All comments that make the cut (aren’t filtered as spam or hacked by Russia) will be credited and I’ll send a PDF of my book when its ready in a few months.

My e-mail is philip@pfanstiel.com and yes I like my name, why do you ask?