Divorce Debrief (Part Two): What does God think about divorce?

by Philip Pfanstiel The problem when it comes to getting the mind of Christ in regards to divorce is that there seem to be two camps and they both know they’re right.  The law camp goes “God hates … [Read more...]

Two Streams: One River – Israel and the Church Conference

Battle Cry Ministries Presents:  Two Streams / One River - Israel and the Church A special one day conference at the Chapel in the Woods on April 27th from 9 am to 3 pm. This conference will … [Read more...]

Expect a disaster … or not

By Philip Pfanstiel There are a lot of experiences in life that we don’t see coming, we soldier and suffer through and then something strange happens when we come out the other side… we are … [Read more...]

Walk into the Dip

By Philip Pfanstiel I’m going to tell you something but only if you promise to judge me.  That’s right I’m writing this and I say tell.  It’s like I don’t even know Chinese. Today I took a dip … [Read more...]

Ephraim Awakening TV Show

Last year I came across this concept in one of my YouTube research sessions (yes, I'm calling it research - don't judge me :).  The concept was called the Ephraim Awakening.  So I made a video about … [Read more...]

Things that go Goosebump in the Dark

Yesterday was All Hallow’s Eve, or as it’s known around the world, Halloween.  And tonight is November 1st or All Saints Day.  Or as it’s known in the rest of the world … November 2nd. I have this … [Read more...]

Follow the bubbles …

So I've been reading / watching too many conspiracy theories online and on youtube.  Suffice it to say I'm becoming completely paranoid.  ... Or at least more so. I know that there is more going on … [Read more...]

Travel Tips for a Terrific/Terrible Time / Prophetic Ponderings

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nl9SYqH9CI&feature=youtube_gdata_player So it begins.  Now, the question remains, what is it and for how long will it continue? I've been blogging off and on … [Read more...]

Magical “Dark” Science that Matters

"Yesterday's magic is today's science, Today's magic is tomorrow's science, Be magical." - Unknown source I'm sure I've heard this sentiment expressed somewhere.  But since an exhaustive search … [Read more...]

Democratic Dad

I think Tyranny has gotten a bad rap. The truth is that a dictatorship is a very efficient and effective form of government. Much more than a sloppy democracy could ever be. The short run results … [Read more...]