Divorce Debrief: An Open Letter to American Christians

By Philip Pfanstiel This is a hard entry for me to write.  Darn you carpel tunnel and inability to smel …  I mean spel. No, the reason it’s difficult is that I’ve always used my life as my … [Read more...]

Two Streams: One River – Israel and the Church Conference

Battle Cry Ministries Presents:  Two Streams / One River - Israel and the Church A special one day conference at the Chapel in the Woods on April 27th from 9 am to 3 pm. This conference will … [Read more...]

Follow the bubbles …

So I've been reading / watching too many conspiracy theories online and on youtube.  Suffice it to say I'm becoming completely paranoid.  ... Or at least more so. I know that there is more going on … [Read more...]

Gym be like …

Based on a true story.   Gym be like: What are you doing here? It’s 2 am. Me be like: Couldn’t sleep.  Decided to do something productive besides watch a whole bunch of lame  youtube … [Read more...]

Wo! Men are Weak

I couldn't disagree more with the saying that women are the weaker sex.  Looking at the evidence, it seems clear to me that men  are superiorly weaker. We are better at being weaker.  Yeh Men! But … [Read more...]

I humbug Santa

AKA - Why I killed Santa and would do it again I just finished e-mailing my brother John, who is currently on deployment with the US Army in the Middle East.  He had called earlier today and then … [Read more...]

Flight of the Fightless (Carefully Confront or Cowardice)

Ironically enough, I decided today to start dropping names in this blog.  I've not mentioned many people but have every intention of referencing people whenever appropriate... starting next … [Read more...]

Much to write, nothing to say

One of my dreams is to be like Elijah the Tishbite, as he calls down fire from heaven and dispels all doubts about whose God is really in control. I can only imagine how he felt the next day. He must … [Read more...]

Balaam and the Smart Ass

Balaam disobeys God. God sends an angel to kill Balaam. Balaam’s donkey sees the angel and tries to protect Balaam. Balaam whips donkey. God gives the donkey the ability to speak, and the donkey … [Read more...]

NASA, what’s the problem?

Not the most original title per se, but it is fitting for the recent decision by NASA big whigs to skip Johnson Space Center in Houston in their recent retirement of the Space Shuttles. While much … [Read more...]