Things that go Goosebump in the Dark

Yesterday was All Hallow’s Eve, or as it’s known around the world, Halloween.  And tonight is November 1st or All Saints Day.  Or as it’s known in the rest of the world … November 2nd. I have this … [Read more...]

Magical “Dark” Science that Matters

"Yesterday's magic is today's science, Today's magic is tomorrow's science, Be magical." - Unknown source I'm sure I've heard this sentiment expressed somewhere.  But since an exhaustive search … [Read more...]

Embarking where Noah left off

Okay, so being that I'm a Christian nerd, I am torn between two distinct schools of thought.  Most Evangelical Christians take the Bible at face value, while most academics question and dissect … [Read more...]

Balaam and the Smart Ass

Balaam disobeys God. God sends an angel to kill Balaam. Balaam’s donkey sees the angel and tries to protect Balaam. Balaam whips donkey. God gives the donkey the ability to speak, and the donkey … [Read more...]

National Geographic – Dark Matter Matters

This month’s National Geographic had an interesting article on Einstein and the evolving universe called “Beyond the Big Bang.” The article is a good one and I’'m not going to write about all of it. … [Read more...]