Expect a disaster … or not

By Philip Pfanstiel There are a lot of experiences in life that we don’t see coming, we soldier and suffer through and then something strange happens when we come out the other side… we are … [Read more...]

Walk into the Dip

By Philip Pfanstiel I’m going to tell you something but only if you promise to judge me.  That’s right I’m writing this and I say tell.  It’s like I don’t even know Chinese. Today I took a dip … [Read more...]

Follow the bubbles …

So I've been reading / watching too many conspiracy theories online and on youtube.  Suffice it to say I'm becoming completely paranoid.  ... Or at least more so. I know that there is more going on … [Read more...]

Antisocial ramblings of a pessimist (you’ve been warned)

(written 8/20/14) I'm not trying to be antisocial, despite what it looks like ... now leave me alone. A lot to think about recently. Recent trip to Israel has got my head whirling in a couple … [Read more...]

Democratic Dad

I think Tyranny has gotten a bad rap. The truth is that a dictatorship is a very efficient and effective form of government. Much more than a sloppy democracy could ever be. The short run results … [Read more...]

Flight of the Fightless (Carefully Confront or Cowardice)

Ironically enough, I decided today to start dropping names in this blog.  I've not mentioned many people but have every intention of referencing people whenever appropriate... starting next … [Read more...]

Praise be the Power of a Positive Perspective

It wasn’t a grand party where everyone was invited, but the pity party I held for myself this summer was more of a casual meet and greet affair. I’m not the depressive sort, but I've been at a lower … [Read more...]

Sovereign God, Incompetent Man

Let me say for starters that God can’t do everything. God is limited. He isn’t as sovereign as we like to give him credit and blame for. Before I defend this opening assertion, lets just … [Read more...]

I never met a student …

I love the ellipsis... Personally it bothers me when someone tells me the obvious. I enjoy filling in the blank myself. I also like to think and having to figure things out. Oh, and I love to … [Read more...]

Castles made on sandless beaches

Terrible joke alert (but one of the oldest jokes I can remember so):  Two guys are driving to California.  They run over a squirrel, possum, armadillo, etc... Then they run over a hitchhiker.  One … [Read more...]