Divorce Debrief (Part Two): What does God think about divorce?

by Philip Pfanstiel The problem when it comes to getting the mind of Christ in regards to divorce is that there seem to be two camps and they both know they’re right.  The law camp goes “God hates … [Read more...]

Divorce Debrief: An Open Letter to American Christians

By Philip Pfanstiel This is a hard entry for me to write.  Darn you carpel tunnel and inability to smel …  I mean spel. No, the reason it’s difficult is that I’ve always used my life as my … [Read more...]

Expect a disaster … or not

By Philip Pfanstiel There are a lot of experiences in life that we don’t see coming, we soldier and suffer through and then something strange happens when we come out the other side… we are … [Read more...]

Democratic Dad

I think Tyranny has gotten a bad rap. The truth is that a dictatorship is a very efficient and effective form of government. Much more than a sloppy democracy could ever be. The short run results … [Read more...]

Wo! Men are Weak

I couldn't disagree more with the saying that women are the weaker sex.  Looking at the evidence, it seems clear to me that men  are superiorly weaker. We are better at being weaker.  Yeh Men! But … [Read more...]

I humbug Santa

AKA - Why I killed Santa and would do it again I just finished e-mailing my brother John, who is currently on deployment with the US Army in the Middle East.  He had called earlier today and then … [Read more...]

Exceptional People

This week I have car duty. For a teacher this means I have to make sure parents pick up their children in an orderly fashion and that no one gets squished like grape. I don’t mind the duty, but I … [Read more...]

Six Observations

Today was a "daddy day" (this is what we call days where mommy works and I take care of the kids).  Normally I stay up till three in the AM and am a zombie (but not the fun kind) until 11 AM.  Last … [Read more...]

Success in the Struggle

I often wonder why me?  Then I'm reminded why and I shut my trap.  Life can be a great breeding ground for self pity, whining and bitterness - or one can enjoy life. It has become very clear … [Read more...]

My wife is awesome

We had a full day this Sunday.  First we had our neighbors over for lunch.  We've wanted to have them over for lunch for years but there was always something.  Well, we had them over and had a great … [Read more...]