Magical “Dark” Science that Matters

"Yesterday's magic is today's science, Today's magic is tomorrow's science, Be magical." - Unknown source I'm sure I've heard this sentiment expressed somewhere.  But since an exhaustive search … [Read more...]

I humbug Santa

AKA - Why I killed Santa and would do it again I just finished e-mailing my brother John, who is currently on deployment with the US Army in the Middle East.  He had called earlier today and then … [Read more...]

I never met a student …

I love the ellipsis... Personally it bothers me when someone tells me the obvious. I enjoy filling in the blank myself. I also like to think and having to figure things out. Oh, and I love to … [Read more...]

Much to write, nothing to say

One of my dreams is to be like Elijah the Tishbite, as he calls down fire from heaven and dispels all doubts about whose God is really in control. I can only imagine how he felt the next day. He must … [Read more...]

Castles made on sandless beaches

Terrible joke alert (but one of the oldest jokes I can remember so):  Two guys are driving to California.  They run over a squirrel, possum, armadillo, etc... Then they run over a hitchhiker.  One … [Read more...]

Final Thoughts / Key Concepts for 2011

 This is the letter I gave my students on the last day of school this year.   "Treat Others the way you want to be Treated and Don’t be a Stooge!!" Listening to advice: learning expensive lessons … [Read more...]

Zulu Basketball, Part One

Today I did an activity in class that was my own creation.  Obviously I'm proud of it, hence the entry. Background Info: We’re in the middle of our Africa unit (oh, and I’m a 6th grade social … [Read more...]

Exceptional People

This week I have car duty. For a teacher this means I have to make sure parents pick up their children in an orderly fashion and that no one gets squished like grape. I don’t mind the duty, but I … [Read more...]

The Company Mulligan Missed: Egypt’s Whining Eagle

Interesting how giving myself permission to miss one day ended up lasting seven days.  I'm not ashamed, nor apologetic.  I've been very busy this week with school, family and Catacombs.  All three of … [Read more...]

Write what you snow

So today is a snow day and I used my time wisely by expanding my Russian Empire in Empire: Total War.  I won't even try to lie and say that I was doing it as research or in preparation for teaching … [Read more...]