Writer Reanimates and Recruits for the Reinklings in his Retelling

Ever been in that position where you have so much to do that you end up doing nothing? Me neither, or at least I won't admit it.  That would require me to do something. Not to bore you with a … [Read more...]

Embarking where Noah left off

Okay, so being that I'm a Christian nerd, I am torn between two distinct schools of thought.  Most Evangelical Christians take the Bible at face value, while most academics question and dissect … [Read more...]

The Tax Man Commeth

I think "the Tax Man Commeth" would be a great horror flick.  It could be a satire/parody/homage to the great horror flicks and all those great movies about taxes.  Which brings up another question, … [Read more...]

Pinching the Post Penny

This will be a short entry. More of a venting with insight thrown in just because... Why is the Post Office losing money? Because its not run like a business. It doesn't even try to serve its … [Read more...]

Overstaying my type

I say too much. I can't keep these entries brief. And because each entry must be an intended masterpiece I fail to write often, but I make up for this by writing too much when I do. In essence its … [Read more...]