Writer Reanimates and Recruits for the Reinklings in his Retelling

Ever been in that position where you have so much to do that you end up doing nothing?

Me neither, or at least I won’t admit it.  That would require me to do something.

Not to bore you with a sob story but I finished my first draft of the novel I’ve been working on for 10-15 years.  Finished it last Thanksgiving actually.

Now I need feedback.  I started with family and close friends and only three people read it (Tamara, my wife, Roberta, my mom, and my new best friend Brian Ambrose).  I told them that I’d put them in the acknowledgements if they read it and gave me feedback.  I’m still waiting for the detailed feedback about how awesome it is and the one or two errors (probably homophones).  But they’ve reserved their place.

Well, now its your turn to read the next great American novel patterned after the Great British novels by J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.  I’m attempting to capture Lewis’ clarity and profundity in the Chronicles of Narnia with Tolkien’s scope and depth from Middle Earth.  The only way to see how I did is to read it for yourself (and if I’m not there yet, help me get there).

If you read my novel and give me feedback then I’ll include you in the acknowledgements, and when I publish it you’ll get one of the first, signed copies and an autograph picture of my daughter Anna’s dog Rascal (maybe I’m trying too hard to sweeten the deal).  Or if you prefer you can get a “signed” picture of our new collection of pet rats.

Here’s the temporary book jacket cover.  Yes, all the pictures are lifted off the internet but it does capture the gist of the novel.  Anyway, if you are interested in reading, giving me honest feedback and receiving the above mentioned autographed dog photo then just e-mail and I’ll send you the PDF (which you can read on any book reader like Kindle, Ipad, etc…)  My e-mail address is philip@pfanstiel.com.

The rough cover of my novel.  Act now and you can find your name in the final book.

The rough cover of my novel. Act now and you can find your name in the final book.

Ironically, for all the things I need to do, this post wasn’t one of them.  But that’s how procrastination works.  Yeah! Baby, Yeah!

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