The File on Phil is written by Philip Pfanstiel unless otherwise noted.  Philip is a writer, author, scribe, chronicler and attempted humorist. He also owns a thesaurus he bought at the dollar tree for … he forgets how much.  Notice I didn’t say he uses the thesaurus, just that he owns one.  This is an important distinction.  Philip is a father of six children, former public school teacher (14 years teaching science, social studies and leadership to 5th and 6th graders in Mansfield ISD), videographer, business manager (this part pays the bills) and self-proclaimed nerd.  Philosopher Pfanstiel is his preferred moniker, but nerd also works.

Cursed early in life by growing up in a stable family of two parents, six children and a number of dogs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philip started life as a baby and by the age of 18 was a teenager.  He received his education in a one room school house … about what life was like on the prairie.  Other than that field trip, his educational experiences were varied: 5 years public school, 5 years private school and 3 years home school.

Philip has been writing columns since his college days at Oral Roberts University (1998 alumnus).  The 18 years since college has found him doing much of his writing for pennies.   Seriously, if you want him to write about something send him a penny. He needs the raise.

After college Philip (I love writing in 3rd person… uh, we mean Philip loves writing in 3rd person) attended film school at Regent University where he earned a Masters in the Arts.  This film degree has come in incredibly handy when it comes to family and school videos.  At film school Philip met his only friend and collaborator John Strong.  Together they created the short film White American Jesus and the educational series; Evolution vs. Creation: On a Level Playing Field.

There is so much more Philip would say if he could write in 1st person.  And honestly he will say much much more (BTW sorry) since this whole site is devoted to his writings so belaboring the bio seems a bit or a bore.