10 Books that have stuck with me (from Facebook but worth posting on blog)

10 books that have stuck with me. This should be easy since if I can’t remember them they must not have stuck with me.

1. Lords of the Earth – Don Richardson – First three chapters will make you want to be a missionary yesterday.
2. Eternity in their Hearts – Don Richardson (pretty much everything by this man is awesome and deep, currently reading his most recent two books)
3. Lost in Translation (3 volume series) John Klein & Adam Spears. You’ll never read Revelation of any of the scripture the same way once you see it through Hebrew eyes.
4. A Different Gospel – D.R. McConnell – A critique of the Word of Faith movement. Not trying to stir up this kettle, but good critiques are hard to come by.
5. David Copperfield – Charles Dickens – Read this on my trip to Turkey in 1995. Very Good.
6. History of World War II – Winston Churchill – Largest book series I ever read. Shared the experience with my brother Eric. Named my second son Luke Churchill after Winston.
7. Disinformation – Ion Mihai Pacepa – Former Romanian Spy Chief’s take on Communist Disinformation. If you ever wanted to join the 10th man program / not sheeple (ie. us wacko conspiracy kooks, this would be a good entry book).
8 Dedication and Leadership – Douglas Hyde – Short but powerful book on how to lead people. A rare book that is a diamond that the church needs to polish.
9. The Silver Chair – CS Lewis – My favorite of the Chronicles of Narnia. Best reveal ever!
10. Tie: Wild at Heart (John Eldred) and The Science of God (Gerald Schroeder) – I made them a tie because I didn’t finish either of them, but the first halves that I read have stuck with me in many ways for many years.
* The Bible – Multiple Authors, One Inspiration: Not eligible for the list but it is the source that has inspired most of the above books and continues to amaze me with its simplicity and yet extreme depth and breadth of insight, knowledge and history.

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